June 10, 2017
June 10, 2017

A delegation of the Canary Island Government led by its president, Fernando Clavijo, travelled to the United States to promote the Africagua Forum, the international meeting on Water and Renewable Energies to be held in Fuerteventura on the 6th and 7th of November.

The delegates held several meetings in Washington and New York to present the new edition of Africagua to institutions and companies working in renewable energy and water technology sectors. These bilateral meetings highlighted Africagua’s mission to bring together under one roof the supply and demand for clean energies on the African continent. The last edition of Africagua in 2016 gathered a wide range of American companies as well as eight African countries, and representatives of international institutions such as the African Development Bank, the World Bank and the European Commission.

The Canary Islands have extensive know-how in water-related technology as well as ample experience in the development of clean energies. In addition to this is its strategic location, set between three continents, and its solid relationship with Africa at both commercial and institutional level. In short, these benefits give the Canary Islands a competitive advantage to all those companies and corporations wishing to take part in the development of the African continent.

Both the president of the Regional Government, Fernando Clavijo and the Minister for Economy, Pedro Ortega as well as the rest of the Canary Islands´ delegation are extremely satisfied with the results of the different meetings. They highlighted the fact that companies and institutions understood perfectly the enormous advantages and opportunities that the Canary Islands offer as a platform to operate in the Mid Atlantic, making it a highly competitive business hub.

The delegates had several meetings in Washington with institutions and leaders of multinationals and corporations with commercial interests in Africa and on the European continent. In addition, they took part in a roundtable discussion with those responsible for ACORE, the American Renewable Energies Association, who clearly recognized Africagua´s contribution in boosting clean energies market. In New York, the delegation aldo held meetings with companies and corporations to highlight that the Canary Islands is much more than just a world famous tourist destination, and that it aims to be the gateway for American companies wishing break into Europe and Africa .

These meetings and round tables revealed the five definitive advantages that make the Canary Islands a destination with huge potential:

  1. The Islands´ excellent connectivity. They are fully integrated in the international air and sea trade routes.
  2. The legal and institutional framework the European Union offers. As an outermost region, the Canary Islands is fully integrated in the European Economic Community.
  3. The great tax breaks offered by the Canary Islands. These make it the most advantageous and competitive region in the European Union with a 4 % Corporation Tax, the lowest in Europe.
  4. A Skilled and diverse workforce, capable of operating in any type of business and sector.
  5. A European lifestyle set in an beautiful environment. The Canary Islands have the best climate in the world as well as all the necessary infrastructure for expats and their families to enjoy.