Bilateral Meetings

All participants of AFRICAGUA may have a personalized meeting schedule during the meeting.

You can request meetings from the rest of AFRICAGUA participants.

In AFRICAGUA and through the platform you can have meetings with key players in the renewable energy and water sector:

  • Solar energy (photovoltaic, thermal)
  • Wind power
  • Hydraulic energy
  • Water treatment
  • Desalination
  • Engineering
  • Rural electrification
  • Generation, distribution of energy
  • Etc

To participate in the Bilateral Meetings Platform,
please follow the following steps carefully:

Registration in AFRICAGUA

To create your profile, have access to the profile of the other participants, send request for meetings and accept or reject meeting requests received from other participants.

Need help?

For assistance in registering with AFRICAGUA, please contact or +34 928 86 10 70.