Senegal – Guest Country in Africagua 2017

Its proximity to the Canary archipelago; the country's policy with democratic and peaceful transitions; their skilled workforce and natural resources; the recent reform of the Customs Code and the Senegal Emergent Plan, which includes important improvements in sectors such as transport, energy and infrastructure, providing important market niches for companies and investors; as well as the continuous improvement in the business environment, simplifying procedures and reducing costs to facilitate business implementation, make the Country the ideal Guest Country for Africagua 2017.

The recent creation of an urgent rural electrification program in Senegal is remarkable. Rural and off-grid electrification will be one of the topics to be addressed in Africagua, with renowned experts from Europe and Africa, who will discuss how to improve access to electricity in a sustainable way and share experiences from other projects.

In addition, there is a broad institutional and public support to the promotion and regulation of renewable energy. The main gouvernamental agencies involved in energy will be present in Africagua 2017:

  • Agency for Economy and Management of Energy of Senegal (AEME)
  • National Renewable Energy Agency of Senegal (ANER)
  • Senegalese Rural Electrification Agency (ASER)
  • Senegal is an emerging country, working to become an entry gate to Africa and become a center of initiatives in Africa within the Economic Community of West Africa (ECOWAS), and will be present in Africagua 2017.

Fuerteventura will closer to Africa the next 6 and 7 of November with the celebration of Africagua. International Business Meeting on Renewable Energies and Water, between Africa and the Canary Islands.